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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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states. he has been critical of the united states saying there is no more time for diplomacy on iran's nuclear policy. plus her crusade to stop human trafficking and tomorrow you will meet a teacher who struggled for years. and then she found a way to profit off of what she was doing in the crlassroom. >> thank you very much. we begin tonight with breaking news that you will only see right here on 360. some of the details are astonishing. on a day when secretary of state clinton says she is still waiting for answers. our sources reveal that not single fbi investigators has set foot at the crime scene 15 days
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after the tris tick attack. and that the crime scene has still not been secured. fran towson has the scoop. fran, is the former white house homeland security adviser and a member of the security adviser committee and was recently in lib libya. and former cia officer bob bayer. so you have new reporting now on the sat ttatus of the fbi investigation. >> so you understand when this happens and the fbi opens the vks o investigation one of the first thing they do is say, please request for us to get to the
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crime scene and request that we will have access to the crime scene and to any individuals that the libyans take into custody. while the fbi has made that request. what we found out today, while the fbi has finally made it to tripoli, they haven't been on the ground in bengazi. they deployed their personal to a lotication in the region. they have conducted interviews of personnel who were there at the time of the attack. they made a request that the crime scene be secured. as we know from reporting, the state department -- we don't know whether that request was put to the libyans and whether that was denied.
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official i spoke to said if we get there now it is not clear whether it will be of use to us. look, one of the things we have to do is question the individuals that the libyans have in custody to understand what they are learning and they made that request through the state department. so the fbi has to pass questions that they have through the state department and then they put the questions and then you wait for that information to come back before you can follow up. not ideal way to do an investigation. i want to play something for our viewers. >> and we are at the very early stati stages of the fbi investigation. the team reached libraya earlie
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this week. >> no mention of being on the ground there. is she splitting hairs here? >> in fairness to the secretary. it may be that she wanted to be coy about where they were. the fact is, it is not clear that they were inside labibya a we understand that there was infighting and it took them longer than they would have liked to get into the country. they still have not gotten permission to go. >> have you ever heard of anything like this whether it is beaurocratic infighting or i guess not approval from the home country? if you heard of anything like this? i have never heard. this is outrageous. in a sense that libya is on the edge. but i have seen the fbi after an
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attack like this right on the scene, it was either secured by state department security officers or the military and they got in and checked what was missing and the weapons and everything else. again, i've never seen this since the takeover in theran in 1979. it tells me again that libya is a precarious situation and the state department realizes that the state department has to be secured when it arrives on ground and the libyans are not cooperating. they are not letting the fbi talk to the people they have arrested. they are the usual suspects and have nothing to do with the attack. this is an investigation that cannot possibly at this point turn up useful.
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for libyans not allowing access to the suspects, what does that say to you? >> anderson, it is the libyans, they can't decide which side they are on. this was an attack on u.s. soil. if they can't tell us who did it and why, the libyan government is on the wrong side. >> and mr. leak, you broke the story today in the daily beast that this was a terror attack. you say they new within 24 hours. it was in the intelligence community that not only pointed to al qaeda but they were able to pin point the location of one of the attackers but there were a number of clues if you will that were outside of the intelligen intelligence committee. they congratulated the attackers
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in bengazi. the date of the attack is another thing. there was intelligence coming in. intelligence sources say they located one attacker using social media. did they know his location? >> yes, but i'm -- i withheld details on that because the person as i understand is still at large. do we know if anyone has been targeted or arrested? >> at this point i have mixed signals. there were 50 people or so arrested by libyan authorities. it is unclear, but in terms of u.s. actions, nothing has been done at this point. you have talked to a number of sources on this? >> as the story was coming out
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in the aftermath of the attacks people approached me and began telling me what i would call the under authorized version of the events. >> you reported knowing in a 24 hours period that this was it. >> the law enforcement source who said to me, from day one that we had known that this was a terrorist attack. we were mistified by why the srz in the administration have not been cleared by that. when you look at why hasn't this crime scene been secured? we know that the militias were there and they were perfectly capable of doing it. why has this investigation been mishandled and so differently from every other group? >> let me play devil's advocate.
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if people in the intelligence community knew it was a terrorist attack, or they just wanted to make sure that in the fog of battle, of ten intelligence is wrong? >> i think the last explanation that you offer is the most likely. look, this is an administration that had been burned where intelligence stepped back from it. the problem even with that explanation though is, when matt olsen comes out and says it is a terrorist attack, the administration is very slow. very slow to embrace this notion that it is in fact a terror attack. you can't keep pointing to this
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film and plrotest. >> arguing against what my devil's advocate was. they were publicly linking this to that video as opposed to saying we were investigating. >> i think is there are two different things going on right now. one is what happened in cairo and that stemmed in part from a broadcaster who had jihadist sympathies on the video that happened in june. and what happened in libya. that had nothing to do with the outrage in the video. those two merged in the telling of senior white house officials. >> what do you make, what is the significant of all of this? secretary clinton made a link between the attacks to al qaeda.
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you have been saying this since shortly after the attack. what is the significance of this? >> i think the white house is reluctant to admit that libya has been lost. no administration wants to admit that. we can't blame losing libya on this. there wasn't much it could do. but we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame for messing up the arab spring. even when you get a smoking gun, a white house wants to cover it up or explain it away. >> is it too early to say that libya has been lost? >> you look at the academic stuff of eastern libya. i heard today there are multiple assassinations where people are settling scores of all sorts of
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strikes. and going back to the fbi, you can't blame them there is nobody in control and a big part of libya. that is the problem. at the root of it. all the facts point to that. nobody is in control. >> a lot of people say well look, you have societies who have been repressed for generations. the box has been opened and a lot of weird things come out of the box. maybe long-term things will move in the right direction as the us sees it. do you buy that? >> the arab spring is a long-term gain. look, if it is terrorism that we are seeing and i feel confident based on what we know, it races the question why didn't you see this coming? if there was intelligence. >> on the anniversary of 9?
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11 of all days. >> right, why didn't you do more? until you have that answer you will be reluctant to calling this a terrorist attack. i think that is part of what is driving the handling of it. >> amazing report. thank you and bob vera as well. much more on this after the break. >> two key lawmakers let us know what you think. i will be tweeting tonight. later, how one man survived when a mountain of snow came roaring down on top of him. >> having gusty winds throughout the night and that was keeping you up and sure enough a gust of wind came that was beyond what we had felt. i told my partner greg that was in the tent with me, gosh, this is a strong gust. >> he said this isn't a gust it
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contributor. also on the phone, republican senator johnny isaacson. your reaction? >> this thing mystifies me. we have a policy that looks the other way. i do not understand the continuance of the president to look the other way and not admit the fact that this was obviously a terrorist attack. i cannot believe that the fbi is not on the ground yet. >> if the fbi investigators have yet to set foot in bengazi, how is their investigation credible? >> we have to put this in conte context. a year ago the president spent nearly $1 million u.s. dollars
8:19 pm
attacking the momar. >> ghadafi regime. the view of those who might come to power and now the president continues to operate in an area where he has no articulated p l policy and the president still has yet to be able to describe what has occurred and why is it that the president is operating a year after having attacked without a policy. >> time was of the essence given his intention to invade and go house to house and kill people like rats. >> you and center have written to senator clinton what mode vated you to make such a request? what are you hoping to learn?
8:20 pm
>> first of all, it was myself. >> sorry. senator, the question was to you since you requested the cables? >> right. first of all, cnn uncovered the diary of kras stephens. he thought he was in danger and i can't believe a us ambassador would not send cables and i think that is probably what happened. we should know what communications they had leading up to september 11th. if in fact they knew in advance of the attack that the ambassador thought about the demice, that sends an appalls message to those around the united states of america. >> if you requested them, can the committee subpoena the items? >> they can move forward and we
8:21 pm
have talked with members of the committee and the leadership. if the administration claims executive privilege or looks the other way we will continue to pursue it. we think the congress and the family of craig stephens deserve an answer and they deserve it now. >> you have been in briefings about this, what do you make about the narrative that we have heard from officials well it was linked to this video and it is still being investigated and we are not sure and today within the inteintelligence community they felt confident this was a terrorist attack. >> i think the fact that they are trying to blame it on not a terrorist attack comes to the heart of the fact that this is a president that took nato and the united states into libya without
8:22 pm
a clear state policy. continues to have not a clear stated policy. to those that are in charge and the evolution that is occurring there. and at the same time is not securing the type of security that is necessary. i don't think anybody can articulate what this president's policy. he isn't articulate it when he began the military action against them. >> cag congressman, i he appreciate your time. it is to be fair to the administration and to republican members of congress, i mean it is not clear how much the u.s. is in control of the events. they were happening in libya without the u.s. being in the forefront of it. the arabs are talking about
8:23 pm
something the us doesn't necessarily have control over. our experience tells us whether it is the bombings or the uss cole. >> in places that are ungoverned or poorly governed. nature pours a vacuum and we know al qaeda has the where with all to take advantage of that. and it seems it appears now that is what al qaeda was doing with libya trying to assert themselves where it was an ungoverned space. >> i appreciate your reporting with your sources. other news tonight, iran's president ahmadinejad offered a new world order as he was speaking, former new york mayor was blasting president obama for
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iran's president once again
8:28 pm
called for a new world order today one not dominated for western powers. >> situation of the world and incidence of history are due mainly to the wronged management of the world. who have entrusted themselves to the devil. the order that is rooted in the human practice of slavery are responsible for for scrimmati discrimination of every corner of the world. >> today as a protest near the un former new york mayor giuliani said this. >> you have been critical of the
8:29 pm
u.s. policy towards iran. how do they have a cavalier attitude? the idea that you are going to stop them from becoming nuclear by saying all options are on the table. >> that romney is not the president. >> ronald reagan pointed missiles at the soviet union. >> when he said all options are on the table was he wrong? >> this was a long time ago when bush was dealing with iran. he was five, six, seven, eight years from dealing with it. under president obama iran has
8:30 pm
by three times increased the uranium and made it more enriched. >> well, we don't know what president obama's red line is? he won't share it with us. he want to keep it as fuzzy as possible. if he wants to do that privately to him, communicate that privately to the iatola i'm okay with that. but he wants to keep it fuzzy. >> we don't know what the president has said privately to the leader but he has said publicly acquiring a weapon is the red line.
8:31 pm
>> we know he hasn't told him about the red line. he was criticizing him for not setting the red line. he is leaving him in the dark which is a terrible mistake. >> he said we do what we must to keep iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> but mitt romney used the same term. >> the reality is that is very mu fuzzy language can lead to war. there is no point about being fuzzy now. iran has the capability now. >> i think we are not concentrating on the key problem. it is not iran using the m missiles. >> but we don't have a good track record of figuring out
8:32 pm
what capablities have. isn't having a weapon the only thing we can positively say? >> i'm not sure that is right. >> a lot of the iranian scientists have been killed in iran. somebody had good information about who they were and where they were living. but in fact, there has been an assassination campaign. his approach to iran has been a reconcile tri one. >> i see a big difference. i think mitt romney would deliver a big mess sagage.
8:33 pm
he would sit down and discussion what the options r he has to make a critical decision. he has to decide whether for the sake of his nation he is entitled with a discussion with the president about this so they can get it straight. bob woodward's book is true. >> we have to discuss it. >> coming up, the avalanche that killed at least 8 people. >> i'm like this isn't going to hit us. we picked a good spot. we are in a safe zone. and the next thing you know we
8:34 pm
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tonight a survivor of the avalanche in napal speaks out. one of the most acclaimed skiers in the world. >> throughout his career there have been many extreme moments. that is some of him doing what he does best. on sunday he was camped out on the world's highest peak and other climbers. through are feared dead and he is lucky to be alive. >> i'm doing very, very well. i have a manager that said if
8:39 pm
you are in good shape why don't you walk down to base camp and taper off this mountain on your own terms and it helped me psychologically. physically, i'm beat up. been in a car wreck if you know what i mean. >> can you walk me through what happened? you were in your tent right? >> we bedded down at camp three and was actually going to prepare forest day we would have stayed at camp three. there had been some avalanche awearness in the area. so believe it or not we did in fact sleep with our avalanche beacons on. gusty winds throughout the night and that was keeping you up. sure enough a gust of wind came
8:40 pm
that was beyond what we had felt. i told my partner greg that was in the tent with me. gosh, it was a strong gust. he said this is an avalanche and about a second later we were off to parts unknown. >> what is that like? one moment you are conscious and you are seeing things and then to get hit what is it like? >> it just, i've been in one before and i felt it. the wind was coming it was coming, and you know the avalanche, the winds in front could be up over 200 miles-an-hour. i'm like this is going to go by we picked a good spot. we were in a safe zone. and the next thing you know, we felt a slap almost. i was airborne for quite a while
8:41 pm
i did go through some big ice clips and then i started feeling the actual rumble tumble of an avalanche like you had been knocked over by a wave in a ocean before. and i was thinking my gosh this sit. this is it. i said this is it. and then, i don't know a couple of seconds who knows what later i felt it come to a stop and i completely started freaking out and trying to -- you only have a few seconds before the snow starts getting hard like cement. >> you are actually conscious when it hits and you are actually tumblie ining over and. >> yeah i was conscious
8:42 pm
throughout the whole thing. the sun was not up yet. when i came to a stop i started thrashing about to try to make an air pocket or something and i realized i'm on top of something but i'm still in the tent. i can't rip the tent open. and i realized i'll unzip the door. what was surreal is that i had been reading before and my head lamp was still producing light. it took me a few minutes to comhelped what was happening. and then i realized my head lamp is on. as soon as i got my self out i started screaming and yelling and went into rescue mode for my friends. remi no sign of remi whatsoever. he has disappeared. there was nothing associated
8:43 pm
with his tent and greg even though he was sleeping next to me, everything that we had in thank tent i found except his sleeping bag. so they are both still missing? >> and they are both missing for sure they are -- i came to rest at about oh 6300 meters or so. more than 20,000 feet so your time is limited there. again, it was our first day at that altitude with a rest day planned i was standing in my skivies with no shoes on. and um, the process of thrashing about i had thrown his backpack and his sleeping bag were the same color as i threw it i realized there was a radio in that and i was able to contact
8:44 pm
our climb manager and say i have been hit by an avalanche and i can't talk i have a rescue to attend to. and called them back five minutes later. i appear to be okay and i'm still in rescue mode. i realized i'm not in rescue mode i'm in my own survival mode and i realized i better start putting clothes and shoes on. >> it is so recent i don't know if you have had time to process it. how do you go on from something like this? your friends are missing. will you climb again? where is your head right now? >> again, i was advised by an old veteran not to jump on a rescue helicopter, took his advice and i can say, in the
8:45 pm
seven hours that it did take me to walk back tom base camp i was able to tape per off the situation and i wasn't plucked out of an emergency situation and sitting in a hospital somewhere, um, we had some difficulty work to do. i had to call remi's wife and greg's father and i also had you know there are nine other people involved in this thing too. the scene was kind of interesting. but i kind of stayed there and as far as my head is concerned, i was able to leave the mountain -- i guess well on my own terms. >> i don't want to ask you anything personal how do you make those calls to your friend's loved ones? >> it is a pretty intense relolr
8:46 pm
coaster for sure. right now i'm still not completely stable. but i'm there. they are hard. of course they are hard. gosh. and then the thing about this whole thing is remi and greg are missing. >> what do you want people to know about him. >> remi's greatest flaw was he was too enthusiastic isn't that great to have? he was always like come on let's do this. come on let's go isn't this great? we had been trekking and we got to put our skis on the first day. to slide a little bit. like the day after christmas and you got a new pair of skis. i was like mellow out man. and greg i never new greg.
8:47 pm
this was the first expedition together. again, he was a great guy to travel with. you go on expedition with somebody you don't know and you share a tent with somebody for a month and he really enjoyed where he was and the culture. he was in the cook tent hanging up making jokes in his spare time. he enjoyed, the summit is the summit. you go on a six month trip and you make one ski run. and that is not actually what it is all about. and greg really enjoyed every minute and every moment of the trip other than the summit. you know, it was great. cruised around cat man due and
8:48 pm
he enjoyed the local setting and the travel aspect of adventures. that is what these things are. they are adventures whether it is sailing trip or a climbing trip or something. >> a young journalist in somalia was killed and wrote in his journal wrote the journey is the destination. i think that is a lot of what you are say. >> absolutely. it is an adventure and he really enjoyed that. he was a wonderful person to travel with and a wonderful skier. he was a french ski instructor. he had great stories of pretty high foluting people. it was very nice getting to know him. and it breaks my heart i thought
8:49 pm
for sure he was going to be right there. i'm not a cynical laugh, but going oh my gosh we're alive dude. >> glen, i'm sorry for what you have been through and i'm sorry for your friends who are missing and our thoughts and prayers are with them i appreciate you talking to us. >> i appreciate you caring. this is not an ordinary event. this is catastrophic. this thing. 30 year himalayan veterans going i can't believe what i'm looking at. this is a disaster is what it is. this isn't an avalanche. >> glen, thank you ven stay strong. >> thank you guys, god bless, he did me today. >> he did. um, rockable story. coming up. video going viral.
8:50 pm
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irk in greece, thousands marched to protect austerity measures. thousands strike after it was formed in june. class action lawsuit after this video went viral on youtube last year. plaintiffs were pepper sprayed on campus. police plan to take samples in michigan to see if jimmy hoffa is buried there.
8:55 pm
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time now for the ridiculous. tonight there is a whole new way to go overboard with your kid's birthday party. you have had the chuck e. cheese party. you have had the clown party. what is a bouncy house party?
8:59 pm
how can i get invited to one? who wants to go to a pool party? >> yawn. >> we are bo going to have a po party with a gator. everybody comes. >> wait. does he take gators to pool parties. we need to get to the bottom of this. >> if you put him on the guest he is bound to show up. >> happy birthday suzy go play with the reptile. >> throw some squirrels in there too and pissed off snapping turtles. they can play marco polo with the kids. it will be fine. of course the most